After amthor’s withdrawal: start with a new candidate

After amthor's withdrawal: start with a new candidate

After the withdrawal of hopeful philipp amthor, the new candidate for the state chairmanship of the CDU in mecklenburg-western pomerania, michael sack, will give a more detailed statement on his candidacy for the first time today.

Sack is joined at the press conference in schwerin by CDU state provisional leader eckhardt rehberg. Sack was nominated as a candidate for the party chairmanship by the state executive committee on friday evening. He is so far the only candidate for the post. On friday, the member of the bundestag, amthor, had declared that he would not be running for office.

Amthor came under massive criticism for his sideline activities and lobbying for the US IT company augustus intelligence. There were also numerous critical voices from his own party. In the meantime, he has described this activity as a mistake and, according to his own statements, has terminated the cooperation. He has given back the stock options granted to him. Amthor also gave up his deputy membership of the amri investigation committee.

Sack has been district administrator of the district of vorpommern-greifswald since october 2018, where he prevailed over an afd candidate. The 47-year-old was previously mayor of the small town of loitz for many years. He is to be elected at the state party conference in early august.

It was originally thought that amthor would be the state chairman. The state minister of justice katy hoffmeister had withdrawn her candidacy, the way seemed to be free for the 27-year-old. Amthor was also said to have a good chance of running against minister-president manuela schwesig (SPD) in next year’s state elections. Recently, the CDU in mecklenburg-vorpommern also benefited from the union’s good poll ratings at the federal level.

The northeastern union is now striving to quickly end the leadership crisis that has been going on for months now. At the beginning of the year, vincent kokert, one of the first hopefuls, surprisingly resigned from the party leadership. Since the beginning of february, the member of the bundestag, rehberg, has been acting head of the party.

The president of the bundestag, wolfgang schauble (CDU), has emphasized that he has so far not seen any violation of the rules in the controversial incident involving amthor. "So far, i can’t see at all from the publications that he has not adhered to any of the applicable rules," said schauble on sunday evening in the ARD program "bericht aus berlin" (report from berlin). "Incidentally, he reported this activity on his own initiative, and also informed the administration of the bundestag that he had received stock options for it," schauble said.

The details of the still open questions about his activity for augustus intelligence he will clear with the bundestag administration, had said amthor. "It is the competent body for it." Among other things, this is about the payment of travels. Asked about this topic, schauble said: "well, he has already been questioned, he will give the necessary information. Then we will also make the decisions there."

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