Artist from mostviel: tamahara prefers to paint in gold and red

Artist from mostviel: tamahara prefers to paint in gold and red

Versatile art in a relaxed atmosphere can be seen this weekend in mostviel at the tamahara studio. Together with guest artist andi teller from forchheim, who brings wooden sculptures with him, tamahara shows his current paintings, sculptures and objects. Geoffnet is the exhibition on saturday, 20. October, and sunday, 21. October, from 11 a.M. To 6 p.M.

Tamahara is an artist of a kind that does not exist very often in today’s world. He creates paintings, sculptures and works of art from metal in the way he considers artistically valuable.

Discovering art as a teenager

And has been doing so for more than 30 years. After doing relatively little with his training as a gardener, he turned to art at an early age. The native of erlangen was only twelve when he created, for example, the "gold helmet" copied from rembrandt.

Since 2000 he runs his studio in mostviel, together with his life companion heike guillery. Here he has the opportunity to live out his art anew every day. There are no limits to his creativity. The artist prefers to use particularly strong, luminous colors. "In the beginning I painted only in red", explains tamahara.

Other approach

He has retained this preference. Whether it is oil paintings, painted wooden reliefs or sculptures. "I get around in my activity quite already and see yes newest developments." For example, he discovered a work in poland that looks like it’s on a construction site. Pallets simply stacked on top of each other. There was no such thing with me", tamahara is surprised.

He especially likes to paint. He does not care about the time of day. He works when he has the time to do so. "Sometimes I leave work I’ve started for a few days before I continue working on it", means tamahara. "It can even be at night. I am completely undisturbed", the artist creates a space for.

For sculptures and exhibition pieces, the 52-year-old prefers wood, stone, clay, metal, plaster and concrete. Other mixed materials, often covered with gold leaf, can also be used. This technique he adapted from the field of restoration.

Meticulous work

And tamahara attaches importance to quality. Be it with self-made frames for the paintings, self-primed canvas and hand-made paint from pigments. Or also with statues, on which he partly worked for 20 years. He has covered a stump of a tree, which had been cut by lightning, with gold primer.

Breathing life into the candy

"It’s the only way to make the plants shine, tamahara is pleased. It is only ceramics that the artist has largely abandoned.

This has long been the metier of his heike guillery. Every year, the self-taught artist processes a few hundred kilos of clay into a variety of sculptures, vases and decorative objects, which she fires and sells at artisan markets.

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