Choir invites to “gospel night” in the church

Choir invites to 'gospel night' in the church

The "gospel hearts, the gospel choir of the evangelical church community of herzogenaurach, is heading for its annual climax. On sunday, 8. July, takes place at 19.30 o’clock in the evangelic church the "herzogenaurach gospel night the choir announces.
For this, the gospel choir rehearsed very intensively on a rehearsal saturday in the martin-luther-haus. 16 titles were polished, which will be heard in the concert. The "gospel hearts" offer according to the press release, an insight into the whole range of gospel singing, from traditional spirituals to modern spiritual songs, from soulful-melodious to rhythmic-temperamental. Michael gunselmann directs the choir from the piano with youthful enthusiasm. The choir is supported by drums, guitar and bass at the concert.
The motto of the concert is "come, let us sing!". This request is meant quite literally, it says in the press release further. The choir members are delighted when the spark is ignited and the visitors clap along and sway to the rhythm of the music. Admission to the concert is free. The church congregation is pleased about donations, which are a sign of recognition.

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