Flower meadow serves as a refueling station for many insects

Flower meadow serves as a refueling station for many insects

Things are happening in terms of nature conservation at home. Johann konrad is one of the people who are worried about it. The young beekeeper and his family have decided to enter into a cooperation between agriculture and beekeeping. So a water protection strip, which serves to lower the nitrate content of the groundwater, was planted along the chapel stream.

The young beekeeper has decided to cultivate a special blood mixture. For this purpose, seeds were sown with over 45 insect-friendly plants. By successively flowering plants, bees have a rich supply of pollen and nectar at their disposal, explains johannes konrad. This strip also serves other insects such as bumblebees, wild bees and butterflies as a veritable refueling station, especially in the hot summer months. This development naturally also pleased the chairman of the district association of beekeepers, stefan ruppenstein, and hauke petersen from the office for agriculture. At the moment mustard, phacelia, carrots and sunflowers are blooming. From altenkunstadt in the direction of pfaffendorf, the bluhflache is signposted directly on the cycle path.

Such activities have had a noticeable effect on beekeeping, says johannes konrad. The "summer costume" is like this the bees’ yield has been higher than in previous years. Overall, flower strips also increased society’s acceptance of agriculture again. .

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