“In brunnau, the clocks tick differently”

Some people in the small town of brunnau in prichsenstadt may be rubbing their eyes in amazement when they look at the current standings in A-class 4 schweinfurt. Just before this sunday’s match against second-placed sv frankenwinheim, the sportclub is only four points behind its rival, i.E. Within striking distance of the top of the table. Two years ago you had to turn the table around to admire brunnau in such a position.

For player-coach jonny guth, who returned to the SC five years later after his first intermezzo in 2007, the renewed upswing has little to do with surprise. "A certain potential was already there. We got with marco blattner in the summer a goalkeeper from the youth, in addition thorsten seufert is to us gestoben. He is the link between midfield and attack." Ideal reinforcements on two important positions, which were missing before.

In thorsten seufert, the association has already brought guth’s designated successor this year. SC brunnau approached the ex-landesliga player, who comes from the neighboring town of schallfeld, in the summer "because i’m definitely quitting after this year", as guth says. "For me this year is the end, for him the beginning." Guth had no objection to seufert being brought on board.

Both exchanged views before the round, now they decide practically on an equal footing when it comes to sporting issues. "We’re on a roll," assures jonny guth. Their understanding also works on the pitch, as evidenced by the 26 goals scored by the two of them. Thorsten seufert has scored fifteen of them.

The SC has already fulfilled its primary wish of remaining in the league. The aim is to get as far ahead as possible, says guth, but he is not really looking at second place. That could change if his team now wins against frankenwinheim. "We have no pressure. It’s good for the team, it’s relatively young, if we lose, no one is sad," says the 33-year-old from buchbrunn. The successes are a source of inspiration for the young squad, and they are also an incentive for some of the older players "to look ahead, not in the rearview mirror," says the player coach.

After his two-year engagement in 2007, guth has already joined the village club for the second time. He feels comfortable there, which is not hard to do. "You are simply taken in. Everyone who has ever landed in brunnau likes to stay there, also because of the team unity. The clocks still tick a little differently," he says, praising the atmosphere. There was a lot of interest in soccer and a lot of commitment to it in the club.

Nevertheless is for jonny guth there in the summer conclusion. The body is taking its toll, "the limit has been reached, i’m going to be 34. And I realize that I need a lot more time to regenerate," says the attacker. He can’t really imagine limiting himself to the job on the sidelines at the moment. "I am not that far yet. Maybe that’s why i have to go out for a while."Maybe guth will be able to make a big impact at the end of his brunnau days.

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