Islam conference condemns salafism

Islam conference condemns salafism

This position had been reaffirmed by the conference. Muslim associations had also taken a predominantly "very clear" position against salafism. Salafists have caused displeasure by distributing free copies of the koran. The conference unanimously adopted a declaration against domestic violence and forced marriage.

The salafists have been praising "read" with their proselytizing campaign!" A heated debate. Lower saxony's interior minister uwe schunemann called the fight against salafism a "litmus test" for cooperation with muslim associations. "After the speeches, it is now decisive whether they take the lead in the movement or not," the CDU politician told the german press agency dpa on thursday. It is not enough to emphasize this consensus in speech and to remain cautious in concrete implementation.

During the annual plenary session of the islam conference, friedrich said about the activities of salafists: "the issue worries us greatly."Not every salafist is a terrorist, but many potential terrorists and perpetrators of violence have salafist affiliations. The islam conference was launched in 2006. Representatives of muslim associations and individuals meet with politicians from the federal government, the states and local authorities. For the next few months, the conference has given priority to the topic of prevention and avoidance of extremist violence, said friedrich.

Preventive measures, however, had to deal not only with islamism and anti-semitism among muslims, but also with islamophobia in parts of society. Friedrich also explicitly condemned right-wing extremism, which is causing fear among many muslims following the series of neo-nazi murders that left ten dead. "The message must be: all people in our country should be able to live in safety and freedom."

Immediately before the conference, union faction leader volker kauder provoked a fierce reaction with remarks on islam. The CDU politician again contradicted the statement of former german president christian wulff, according to which islam also belongs to germany. "Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in germany and therefore does not belong to germany," kauder told the "passauer neue presse" (thursday).

Interior minister friedrich was visibly concerned not to let kauder's purge become a burden on the islam conference. He said: "let's not keep reopening issues that have already been discussed."Sabine leutheusser- schnarrenberger (FDP), minister of justice, told dpa: "of course, islam is part of germany today."SPD faction leader thomas oppermann said: "volker kauder is the last crusader of the union."Cem ozdemir, chairman of the grunen, said: "volker kauder is playing the culture war card."

Other focal points of the conference on thursday were the topics of gender equality and improving opportunities for muslims on the labor market. In a declaration, the conference condemned domestic violence and forced marriages. Friedrich stressed that these appearances are not the result of the islamic religion, but of traditionalist and patriarchal structures.

SPD deputy leader aydan ozoguz accused friedrich of having no plan or concrete goals for the future of the islam conference. We can't always just talk about extremist groups. The vast majority of peaceful and law-abiding muslims must also be recognized.

From the point of view of lower saxony's minister of social affairs, aygul ozkan (CDU), the discussion about muslim women should not be reduced to the issues of forced marriage, honor killings and oppression. In many cases, muslim women in germany are already much more emancipated than they thought, the minister said in berlin.

Friedrich praised the progress made by the islam conference in recent years. Above all, he mentioned the anchoring of islamic religious instruction in schools and the training of imams. The interest of the municipalities in the topic is rough, pilot projects in some cities are exemplary, he says. "Something is moving," he said.

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