New npd ban proceedings draw nearer

New npd ban proceedings draw nearer

NRW interior minister ralf jager (SPD) told the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" that the conference of interior ministers would vote on a new motion next week. The upcoming decision had been prepared extremely carefully, it was said on friday from the circles of the federal ministry of the interior. In the meantime, 2649 pieces of evidence against the right-wing extremist party were available.

In 2003, a first attempt in karlsruhe had failed: the proceedings on the application to ban the NPD by the federal government, the bundestag and the bundesrat had been discontinued at that time because V-men of the constitutional protection agency were active right up to the party’s leadership level. This wednesday, the interior ministers will meet in rostock-warnemunde to discuss a new attempt. Minister presidents to discuss it in berlin on thursday.

Federal and state governments have compiled an approximately 1,000-page collection of incriminating evidence on the NPD. From the circles of the federal ministry of the interior, no points remained open in the argumentation. The legal situation had been carefully examined. The V-people in the leadership of the NPD were switched off. But the obligation is to name the risks as well as the opportunities. In addition to the strict procedural requirements, this also includes the weighing of political consequences.

"There are opportunities and risks in this process, no question about it," said jager. "But there are no longer these risks as in 2003, when one actually went into the process completely unprepared and flawed."The V-man problem has been solved. The interior ministers are unanimous in their view that the NPD is an anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, racist party. The collection of materials "presents this in a seamless manner".

Lower saxony announced on thursday that it would vote in favor of initiating proceedings to ban the party at the meetings of interior ministers and minister presidents. Up to now, the country had kept a low profile or shown skepticism. Lastly, hesse had clearly rejected a new ban procedure. Otherwise there are many advocates for a ban in the countries.

SPD parliamentary group vice chairwoman christine lambrecht buries the concession of CDU-led lower saxony. The government there should now also convince the doubters and skeptics in its own ranks, up to and including federal minister of the interior hans-peter friedrich (CSU). The court has so far been reluctant to take a concrete position. Grunen interior expert wolfgang wieland accused friedrich of indecision.

In view of the emerging approval of the interior ministers, the greens fear that the bundestag will be forced to act by a state resolution. They demand that parliament not decide on the matter until the deputies have been able to examine the extensive material provided by the federal government and the countries themselves. Faction leader renate kunast warned that another failure in karlsruhe would be a great success for the npd.

The federal chairman of the NPD, holger apfel, favors a motion to ban his party. "There is nothing more unsatisfactory than a continuing sword of damocles of a ban," apfel told the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" (saturday). He nevertheless assumes that the ban proceedings will fail – at the latest before the european court of human rights (eughfm) in strabburg.

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