No fear of mud and dirt

no fear of mud and dirt

N iesel rain as if from a bubbly bottle. Every step lands in a puddle or in the mud. The dirt splashes. From the bones to the neck, all are full of mud splashes. No fear of mud and dirt. Cross-country is the new trend for performance enhancement. We are in the middle of the high season for landelaufes. The querlaufer wants to bring his form up with it. After his break from running, he plans to spend the next few weeks wandering through the forest, away from asphalt and gravel paths. Today he is on the road at the maintal-cross. The SC kemmern has set this challenge on its feet. In the meantime it looks like a choco-crossie.

Walking on wide paths through nature is pure pleasure. It’s even easier off the concrete tracks, on field and forest paths, meadows and trails, which the modern runner calls "trails" calls. The SC running department has created a challenging course. One lap has 1.9 kilometers and is run twice. Too short for the cross-country runner, he likes ultras. It’s a crossy mix: damp, heavy ground, some climbs, a barbaric mound and not to forget the "sowhole. Jumping over the hay bales is also a challenge.
S o many an adrenaline junkie needs a "spartan race", "tough mudder" or "strongman run. As obstacle runners they crawl in the mud, climb up walls and fall into deep pits. But why do we need such a trendy sport? Here one of the most original running variants is run – the cross-country run. It’s a good idea to replace your trench shoes with ones that have a harder sole and, above all, a good tread, so that you can tackle the increasingly slippery ground without slipping. Of course, the cross-country skier has updated his tires before the run.

V on ultra-trails you read everywhere. Nowadays it takes a few more kilometers to really impress a non-runner. The runners, for example, have always had to run through the forest on the rennsteig, where the may weather can turn the course into a muddy track. "That was crosser than cross", may come as a comment. But today the cross-country skier is not at the race track. And it’s not may, but wet and cold january. Maintal-cross. Here, for example, every runner can let off steam on a 3.8-kilometer course in the countryside.

R eally rain has turned the course into a soft mud track. Splash, splash, splash. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the sound of mud, soggy leaf carpets, and grooming and almost forgotten noises as you walk. It is in the nature of things that shoes and pants are not necessarily an adornment for master propper afterwards. Cross running is like playing in the dirt. Organizer klaus geub from SC kemmern hits the nail on the head: "you have to wear the dirt splashes on your calves like a trophy."

Oh my, klaus, you can talk. Splash, splash, splash.

Run happy and smile!
Your cross country runner

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