Opening of mishap airport completely unclear

Opening of mishap airport completely unclear

He did not want to say on tuesday whether the capital airport will be able to take off in 2014.

The reopening, postponed once again, also has parliamentary repercussions. Berlin’s mayor klaus wowereit (SPD) must be prepared for a vote of no confidence from the opposition over the series of airport breakdowns. In brandenburg, minister president matthias platzeck (SPD) goes on the offensive and questions his own confidence in the government.

Wowereit had handed over his office as airport supervisor to his deputy platzeck on monday. This was the consequence of the fourth postponement of the start date for the billion euro project.

In response to the question of whether the opening will be possible in 2014, the head of engineering told hessischer rundfunk radio: "14 is a good number, but I can’t commit to it now." The last for the 27. October planned start-up was postponed indefinitely on monday.

The structural condition of the fire protection system "did indeed surprise his team, there are still some surprises today," amann told the news agency dpa. Smoke tests in the terminal before christmas showed that the smoke extraction system "didn’t work right away" and that time-consuming reworking was necessary.

Amann also did not specify when a new opening date could be given. In several interviews, he mentioned two to six months as a possible period until more could be said. The financial impact of the renewed postponement is unclear. Most recently, costs had already risen by 1.2 billion euros to 4.3 billion euros.

After the greens and the pirates, the berlin left also declared on tuesday that they would support the motion of censure against wowereit on thursday in the house of representatives. The two government factions, SPD and CDU, unanimously backed wowereit in special meetings on tuesday evening. "This is a good result," the head of government said afterwards.

A vote of no confidence can only be successful with 75 yes votes, but the three opposition factions together have only 63 votes. The motion of censure can be voted on by name in another special session of the house of representatives on saturday at the earliest.

In brandenburg, too, the coalition factions of the SPD and the left pledged their confidence in platzeck. The head of the brandenburg government plans to ask the state parliament for a vote of confidence on monday, thus securing his position as the new head of the supervisory board. Platzeck faces headwind from the greens, who demand his resignation. The parliamentary group had gained the impression that platzeck was no longer in a position to avert damage to the country, said group leader axel vogel.

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