Ryanair makes arrangements for hard brexit

Ryanair makes arrangements for hard brexit

Europe’s major low-cost airline ryanair is distributing spare parts from its uk central warehouse to other eu locations because of a possible disorderly brexit. This is what the head of the maintenance division ryanair engineering, karsten muhlenfeld, told dpa.

Imports and exports of spare parts could be made more difficult in the event of a disorderly brexit – for example, due to customs restrictions. Muhlenfeld stressed: "we are concerned that it will take a long time to get the spare parts from the central warehouse in stansted to the airport, where we need them at short notice."

Since the beginning of the year, technical parts of the irish airline have been relocated to other sites in the EU, according to muhlenfeld, who was for a time the head of the airport in berlin. Standard parts used in aircraft maintenance include wheels, brake discs and lighting elements.

Rough warehouses – in addition to the central warehouse in england – are located in bergamo, madrid and dublin. Smaller camps also existed, in germany for example in schonefeld and frankfurt am main.

In germany, a wholly owned subsidiary – ryanair engineering germany gmbh – is responsible for aircraft maintenance. The company is based in schonefeld near berlin and was founded in the fall, according to its own statements. According to the report, 100 new jobs are to be created, thus doubling the workforce. According to muhlenfeld, ryanair intends to carry out all its own maintenance in germany in the long term. Previously, the airline had worked with external providers.

Ryanair is not the first company to fear the consequences of the brexit for the complex processes in the aviation industry. The aviation and aerospace group airbus threatened to close factories in january. "If there is a brexit without an agreement, we at airbus may have to make very damaging decisions for the uk," said group chief executive tom enders. There are countries in the world that would be happy to build airbus airfoils.

In the united kingdom, airbus bundles almost all of its aircraft construction – which could be tricky in the event of brexit. Suppliers must bring parts to the island, then the finished airframes must go to factories in france, germany, china and the u.S.

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