“We can’t do anything, we can’t”

Josef hofbauer the burghers in the city and county know heinrich kattenbeck, who died on monday, 17. June, his 80. I was a free spirit and a committed campaigner for nature, for the. Just a few months ago, he joined the electoral initiative forchheim in the county council. Kattenbeck used to be a member of the young union. Today he spells CSU as the center of safe environmental destruction.

"I am a sewer slob", says the former altar boy from st. Martin and the catharine hospital about his birthplace forchheim. His love of nature was shaped by his father. The police superintendent was also a passionate hunter. He took his son stalking and mushroom picking. "I got my social vein from my mother, who was active in both charity and the women’s union", the jubilarian is sure.

Wanted to know the life

As an obedient child, he transferred from the humanistic high school in forchheim to the benedictine monks in munsterschwarzach in 1954. "It was the mother’s fondest wish that her son would become a pastor, or at least convert pagans in africa or south america. But that did not work out. I wanted to get to know life, betrayal of heiner kattenbeck, whose favorite subjects were math and physics. He began an apprenticeship at the film factory and in 1961, as a graduate in business administration and systems analyst, he left the company. At philipps in furth, he worked in all areas of the company and gained experience. He finally found his vocation as head of administration of the erler clinic in nurnberg, the missionary medical clinic in wurzburg and the st.-hedwigs hospital in berlin-spandau, before retiring early in 1994.

From his youth onwards, kattenbeck was involved in various honorary offices. Already in 1958 he was a young colping leader and sanitater. He trained junior staff for the red cross and the water rescue service.

This is also how he met his wife. When I delivered a patient to the hospital after an accident, there was a young woman in the room who immediately caught my fire," he recalls. He has been happily married to her for 56 years.

Always politically active

Kattenbeck was also always politically active. He founded the young union in kirchehrenbach in 1966 and took over as district chairman in 1970. "But I was too progressive for CSU", rooms kattenbeck. That’s why he joined the free voters and ran for the city council. For 18 years, he helped determine the fate of kirchehrenbach, where he and his wife built a house in 1996.

"I’m not a kamanima, the jubilarian makes clear. For him, nothing you can do is synonymous with a lack of commitment. That’s why he set a good example as chairman of TSV kirchehrenbach. A call to wear the kroten led to heinrich kattenbeck joining the federation for nature conservation and a little later taking over the chairmanship of the district association. He was also active at the state level and as a delegate of BUND (bund fur umwelt und naturschutz deutschland, the german environmental and nature conservation organization).

In 1980, mechthild munzer found a home for 27 people with mental handicaps. Together with friends, among them heinrich kattenbeck, they founded the social therapeutic living and working community haus odilia in kirchehrenbach. "It was important to me that people not only had a home, but also a daily structure", clarifies the jubilarian. When the volunteer work here became too much, he convinced his wife to take over the organizational management of the facility.

Comprehensively challenged

Kattenbeck is chairman of the environmental foundation sieglinde schoffl and a founding member of the ehrenburg senior citizens’ association in kirchehrenbach. He is also a founding member of the citizens’ initiative pro wiesenttal ohne ostspange (biwo) and a volunteer weather forecaster. Last but not least, opa duties await the well-trained 80-year-old who regularly plays tennis, bowls and swims. In addition, there was a round of skat and a round of schafkop. The 15-year-old granddaughter in tegernheim (near regensburg) needs her grandpa because she can have such great discussions with him, and the two grandchildren in starnberg also can’t wait for their grandpa to return. They were allowed to do things that daddy doesn’t allow them to do.

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